Safetech Level 2 Shoulder Armour/Protector (Set of 2)

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  • MotoTech in collaboration with Safetech offers a strong and durable solution towards the safety woes of riders.
  • These armour inserts are lightweight and flexible and assist in protecting your body parts to the optimum, while on two or more wheels.
  • Made from VISCOFlex, a special polyurethane formula, the Safetech MotoTech armours are CE Approved and are ideal for Elbow, Shoulder and Knee.

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  • VISCO Flex prevents trauma to the human body by three methods:
  • Shock Absorption: Material absorbs impact energy through phase change (hardening).
  • Shock Delay: Material delays the transmittance of some shock to the human body over a longer period of time.
  • Dissipation: Impacts are dissipated over larger areas of the body.
  • Safetech is a dynamic company that manufactures safety protectors for the world of motor and bicycle sport, made of a special polyurethane formula. The use of nanotechnology in prototyping and innovation  have lead to the development of innovative and high-quality protection solutions.


  • Shoulder, elbow and knee URBAN protector.
  • Lightweight and flexible.
  • Made from ViscoFlex material (new, soft, high-performance formula).
  • CE Level 2
  • Sold as a pair
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