About Us

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What we really do?

We tend to implement ethical business standards, starting from providing quality products and services. We’ve been proudly selling premium and branded products, parts, and accessories at great prices mated with the best customer service out there.
We have a team of knowledgeable experts to guide you through all your queries and purchase decisions.We firmly believe riding is all about fun and pleasure but with primary attention to safety.
With the continuous expansion of our distribution network, we are strengthening our brand, responding to market demands, and meeting customer needs.
Our aim is to have in stock an optimal amount of various spare parts so that our sales capacity can fulfil customer needs any time and they can rely on it.Besides this we also provide additional support with our services.
Our priority is based on gaining long-term customer and associate trust, as well as establishing quality business relationships with our partners.

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Our Vision

Our mission at ‘The Rider Hub’is to constantly commit ourselves to distribution of quality products and services that can enhance any rider’s security and overall performance. This engagement is only possible with the symbiotic teamwork of TRH with all its associates. TRH wants to continue delivering reliable safety and great pleasure to riders all over the world and to those who find a lifestyle in it.
Our vision is to help every adventure-seeker achieve their goal without compromising on safety and protection.We at TRH aim to be recognized as the most reliable travel companion for every ride enthusiast. Faith is proudly represented as an added value to our ethos.

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History of Beginning

Originated in Siliguri, West-Bengal ‘The Rider Hub’ is an idea brought to life with a mission to enable riders indulge into riding as a lifestyle with compounded safety. We at ‘The Rider Hub’(Shree Parmeshwari) started operationsin 2010, dealing in branded Helmets, Ride and Safety Gear,Performance enhancing Parts, Accessories and Clothing. Wehave been continuously adding a great selection of brands and quality products and services for our customers ever since.
After receiving appreciation and mass acceptance from the riding community, we have now prepared to serve you with our online store filled with the best brands of products and services. We have a motive to always remain specific to the rider’s demands, hence we make sure that we have various categorisations across the store to suit every rider. Along with this wealways have interesting content on our website and social media accounts from various riders and our own team which helps other riders enhance their experiences.
Company’s Salient Features:

  • Top Brands – High quality Certified and Genuine products from top brands across the world.
  • Outstanding Service – Best in class service with our experts always by your side to help you with your purchase and after sales support.

What can we do for you ?

Are you expecting to receive your ordered products and services quicker? You say ‘yes’. Well then, consider it done! At TRH we always strive hard to provide high quality products and servicesthrough the most efficient logistics partners. We work in a fast and smooth manner. Thus, once you place an order with us, we work round the clock and ensure that the delivery of the product happens at the quickest possible time.
Our eagerness for quick delivery of the products you buy from us has given us the motivation to introduce faster delivery options. These delivery options cover a vast array of productsincluding Helmets,Ride and Safety Gear, Performance enhancing Parts, Accessories, etc. So, you have all your essential products covered here.

Our team is working hard to ship your order and respond to your queries as soon as possible.
We thank you for your patience and understanding and are grateful for your support!

Raise Support Query

You can write to our Help desk: Support@theriderhub.com. We’ll do our best to respond quickly.