Cable lock with 4 Digits Number for Bicycles, Bikes, Helmet (Orange)


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  • This is a multi-purpose lock which can be used for all the activities like cycle locking, motorcycle locking, helmet locking, luggage locking, carry bag locking etc.
  • 4 digit number lock with number which you can set the default or factory set code is ‘0000’, this can be changed and set according to the user
  • Resetting the lock code to your desired combination is also very easy

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Robust Spine

  • This lock draws its strength from a steel wire that is not only strong yet flexible but cannot be cut either.
  • This gives the number lock required flexibility for ease of use along with adaptability enabling it to be used for multiple purposes.
  • The wire is also a source of sturdiness to guard your two-wheeler against being stolen as it cannot be cut or broken.

Toothed Steel Latch

  • Features a toothed latch made up of steel so the deadbolts inside the rotating discs inhibit the movement of the latch more effectively.
  • This design and the material used together make sure the lock is as strong at the movable parts as the fixed parts like the wire.
  • This is another feature dedicated precisely to the durability of the lock and its performance in terms of the security of the goods that the lock is holding.

Numbered Discs with Crisp Rotation

  • As for most Number Locks in the market, the rotating disks happen to be freely rotatable causing the user unease in operating the lock.
  • The rotational motion of the numbered discs on Number Lock is backed by a very precise mechanism developed keeping in mind the aforesaid problems.
  • This mechanism allows the discs to click at aligned positions giving them a very crisp motion to prevent the clumsiness in using the product.

Customizable Lock Combination

  • The four numbered rotatable discs together form a combination which serves as an unlock code for the Lock.
  • This combination is set as ‘0000’ by default but can easily be changed as and when required using the simple turn of a knob and that too innumerable times.
  • This mechanism has been incorporated keeping in mind the utmost need of privacy when it comes to the security of your two-wheeler, luggage or other priced commodities.

A Jack of All Trades

  • The flexible design and the ease of use make it an immensely adaptable product. Hence, its utility too is not limited to be solely as a Wheel lock.
  • You can even use it as a helmet lock, keep your luggage safe while travelling, etc.
  • The applications of this product go as far as one’s imagination which makes it an apt synonym of security.
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