Botny Polishing Wax 250 gm.


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  • highly trusted botny wax polishing crystal bright.
  • effectively remove stains on the surface of the body.
  • effectively prevent the car paint sun oxidation, colour pale, protect the paint, brought wonderful luster

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Product Specification:250g*24
Product: B-1179
Standard: Q/(GZ) BCL 3
Valid: a three-year
Product Features:

Trusted bonty Super Polish, effective removal of body surface stains, prevents paint light oxidation, pale color, protect car paint, bring wonderful luster.


  • body wash, corner joints blow dry with air gun and water.
  • apply wax wax out with polishing machines;
  • use the towel to wipe off the wax grey;
  • use a small toothbrush to clear residual wax inside of corner joint; need tools and products: air gun small sponge dry towels wet towels ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ small brush, polisher, polishing processes, the high Polish bright wax construction time is about 60 minutes


  1. Do not use for purposes other than the purposes mentioned above.
  2. Do not use in hot weather or when the body heat.
  3. This product is intended only for body painting, cannot be used for plastic, unpainted oscillators, fur, glass, tires, lens and other parts. When this product is found attached to the above site, immediately wipe clean.
  4. Please do not apply wax sprayed on the body or on the vehicle body long-term care, otherwise it may cause spots or uneven color.
  5. Background for wounds and injuries, vehicles, not results.
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