Motorex 10W50 Power Synth – Fully Synthetic Engine Oil (1 L)


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Experience Unmatched Performance with Motorex POWER SYNT 4T SAE 10W/50 MA2 – Your Ultimate Engine Oil for Hypersport Motorcycles!

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🏍️ Elevate Your Hypersport Ride:
Prepare for the thrill of a lifetime with Motorex POWER SYNT 4T SAE 10W/50 MA2. This fully synthetic 4-stroke high-performance engine oil is meticulously crafted for the most demanding hypersport motorcycles with powerful engines.

✅ JASO MA2 Certified:
Ride with confidence knowing that your engine, transmission, and clutch are shielded by a formula that meets the stringent JASO MA2 standards. No more worries about clutch slippage—ensure the optimal functioning of your oil bath couplings.

🔥 Unleash Hypersport Power:
Experience unrivaled power and performance as Motorex POWER SYNT 4T SAE 10W/50 MA2 fuels your engine with precision-engineered lubrication. Take your hypersport motorcycle to its limits and beyond.

💥 Ultimate Protection:
These lubricants offer unbeatable protection across the entire spectrum of application. From your engine to your transmission and clutch, Motorex has you covered, ensuring peak performance mile after mile.

🌪️ Extreme Riding, Extreme Conditions:
Conquer the most challenging riding conditions with ease. Motorex POWER SYNT 4T SAE 10W/50 MA2 is designed to excel in extreme environments, providing consistent and reliable performance.

💧 Engine Cleanliness:
Keep your engine pristine, free from harmful deposits, and performing at its best. Motorex’s commitment to cleanliness means a longer engine life and maximum efficiency.

🏁 Ride with Confidence:
Your hypersport motorcycle deserves nothing less than the best. Elevate your riding experience with Motorex POWER SYNT 4T SAE 10W/50 MA2 and unlock the full potential of your machine.

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